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Sustainable Energy
Installing Solar Panels

Sustainable Energy Services

Smart Thinking, Smart Decision, Smart Grid, Smart Monitoring

AB Renewables will help your business save money and enable you to have less reliance on grid energy and price fluctuations. 

Solar panels are an energy efficient alternative and will significantly reduce your electricity bills, providing free energy to your business or organisation, enabling you to meet your sustainability goals.

Our services include:

  • An initial site survey to assess your requirements and options

  • System Design

  • System Installation

  • Liaising with your Distribution Network Operator and processing your G99 Applications to secure you with a Letter of Approval to Connect to the National Grid. 

  • Registration of your installation on the MCS database and provision of your MCS certificate

  • Support and remote monitoring of your system after installation 

The energy the solar panels produce can be used to power everything in your business/organisation from lighting, heating, computers and appliances to security systems, heavy machinery and plant and electric vehicle chargers.

We install a variety of solar panels from the best solar panel manufacturers in the world. They have a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee. 

The inverters we supply and install have 10 year product warranties and 25 year performance guarantees.  
Businesses and organisations can store their free unused electricity in batteries instead of exporting it back to the grid.


Solar Funding Options for Businesses:


  • Small Business Solar Funding - Solar Grants

  • Medium Business Solar Funding – PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) Typically 20 -25years

  • Large Business Solar Funding – Solar Leasing - can save thousands on electricity bills

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