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Solar Energy Solutions for Businesses and Residential Properties

AB Renewables are an MCS Certified, UK based company and certified Tesla Powerwall Installer. We are passionate about solar energy, specialising in solar installations for both the residential and commercial sectors and the importation and distribution of solar panels throughout the UK and Europe.


We offer our customers the highest quality products available in the market today and at the best prices you will find anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Solar Panels on Rooftop
Solar Panels
Solar Panels


Welcome to AB Renewables

AB Renewables are solar PV experts, designing, installing and remotely monitoring residential and commercial installations. 

We provide an outstanding, individually tailored service, from the initial site visit through to comprehensive monitoring of the system after the installation.

The decision to invest in leading solar technology will be rewarded with a system built to enable householders and businesses to control their own electricity supply and reliably generate energy and savings for years to come. 

Solar Panels


Sustainable Energy Services


Solar panels generate free energy to power your home. 

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Smart Thinking, Smart Decision, Smart Grid, Smart Monitoring.

Sustainable Energy

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We are Creating a Sustainable Future

We are open Monday - Friday: 9am-5:30pm, but you can reach us by email at any time and we will get back to you within 48hrs.

From the initial survey through to the completed installation we process the paperwork; G98/G99 Applications, provision of MCS Certificates and most importantly, ongoing support and remote monitoring after the solar installation.

We thoroughly enjoy and are totally committed to helping provide free energy in the most efficient and cost effective way to significantly reduce electricity bills.

We have excellent residential and commercial reviews; for the solar system designs, the in house delivery team and the installation team, right through to the remote monitoring team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

AB Renewables is a family owned, MCS Certified, UK company. We are passionate about solar energy, specialising in solar installations for both the residential and commercial sectors

You can Trust Us

  • Do solar panels produce energy without sunshine?
    Yes. The solar panel cells do not need direct sunlight to produce electricity and can generate power on cloudy days. The more sunlight, the more electricity that is produced.
  • How does a solar panel work?
    Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that can be used immediately or stored in batteries. This is achieved through the photovoltaic (PV) effect. The cells of the solar panels are constructed with semi conductive material, usually silicon. The photons from the sun’s rays interact with the panels’ cells, activating the electrons within them and produce electricity.
  • How many solar panels will I need?
    This will depend on how much electricity you wish to generate and what you would like to use it for. AB Renewables will discuss and assess this with you during your site survey.
  • Inverters – what do they do?
    A solar power inverter converts the electricity produced by a solar panel, Direct Current (DC), into Alternate Current (AC), the flow of electricity which enters our homes.
  • Batteries – do I need one?
    Put simply - Yes, if your solar system produces more energy than you can use (during sunlight hours) – you can then use the energy stored in the batteries when the panels are not producing electricity eg at night. The national grid serves as a back up to the batteries. No, if your solar system does not produce a lot of excess energy. When you require more electricity you simply draw it from the national grid.
  • Scaffolding – who supplies it?
    AB Renewables provide the scaffolding and/or towers for the solar installation.
  • What is a DNO (Distribution Network Operator)?
    DNO stands for Distribution Network Operator. They are the companies that own and operate the electricity and/or gas infrastructure (towers, cables etc) that connect your property to the national grid and are responsible for bringing the electricity to your property. There are 14 different DNO regions in the UK, managed by six Distribution Network Operators.
  • What is an MPAN number?
    The MPAN (Meter Point Administration Number) is a unique 21 digit reference number assigned to your electricity supply point to help energy companies identify your home or business and where to send the power to. Your MPAN is required to process your G98 or G99 Application and register your installation on the MCS database.
  • G98 and G99 Applications – what are they?
    When energy devices such as solar panels and electric vehicle chargers are installed in residential or business properties and connected to the national grid, the Distribution Network Operators have to be notified. This is to enable the DNOs to manage the national electricity supply effectively. If a situation arises where too many unknown electrical assets are turning on and off at the same time a local black out may ensue or a brown out where the electric voltage to properties is significantly reduced. G98 Application If your energy assets do not exceed more than 16 amps (3.68 kW) per phase, then they are unlikely to cause load problems. A solar installation can go ahead without prior approval from the DNO. AB Renewables will therefore complete a G98 Application on your behalf after it has been installed (connect and notify). G99 Application If your energy assets exceed more than 16amps per phase the DNO has to be notified of the proposed installation before it takes place to assess its impact on the national grid. In this instance, AB Renewables complete a G99 Application on your behalf, notifying the DNO of the intended installation. If the DNO are satisfied that the local power network can cope with the extra energy from your installation they will issue an ‘approval to connect’ letter.
  • Off Grid – What does it mean?
    In terms of electricity, ‘Off grid’ simply refers to living independently without reliance on any central supply of power.
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